Selling your home in Toronto

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your home. That’s great! My role is to help you do just that, as quickly as you want, as efficiently as you deserve, and at a price you would like to secure. Utilising the most effective, and up to date marketing resources available today, I will work closely with you, devoting my time and energy into finding the right buyer for your property.

Here’s how…

Ultimate Marketing  – Toronto Style

Your home isn’t the only one for sale in Toronto, but it’s yours and that’s what makes it unique. Using that as a basis, and my reputation as the go-to agent and broker in Toronto, I will position your home within a bespoke marketing strategy to meet your needs and attract buyers.

Massive Local Exposure

My priority will be to launch massive local exposure focussed entirely on your property through a number of key, tried and tested, successful marketing streams:

 Website – The vast majority of people looking to purchase a property search online first. A bespoke custom property page of your house will be created on my own website. This includes photographs and a detailed description of the property, it’s Unique Selling Points (USP’s), and neighbourhood information. My website is highly placed on all the key search engines such as Facebook, Yahoo,  Google and Bing, using search engine optimization technology to maximise your house listing being seen by more people and faster.

Photography – Making a great visual impression of your home is absolutely key to potential buyers. If it doesn’t look appealing, then it’s not going to harness the power to drive actual viewings .  I will build an enhanced portfolio of quality, digital photographs that will show your home off to its full potential, appealing to purchasers.

Internet – A custom email bundle with photographs and a link to your property will be distributed to my considerable, personal contact database. In addition, your house will be forwarded to my list of buyers currently searching for similar properties in your area.

Flyers – over 1,000 “newly listed” marketing cards will be mailed to local area residents informing them that your home is for sale

Signage – with your permission, and where possible, a For Sale sign will be placed on the property to attract passing footfall. This is a well-used but tested marketing strategy that has worked for generations. When underpinned with modern digital technology, it further enhances the opportunity of a potential ‘passing’ sale.

Open House –  another tried and tested method of selling houses that works extremely well in some cases. With your permission, an Open House will be held for the entire brokerage community, plus any additional interested parties who have seen the internet listings on social media or mapped signage logistically placed at local level.